holy spirit confirmationWelcome to the website of the United Methodist Church of Hyde Park, 1 Church Street, Hyde Park, NY 12538.


We are an active and responsive part of the greater Hyde Park community, reaching out and welcoming in the name of Jesus Christ. We are a missional church whose primary goal is to form dedicated Christians who embody Jesus' world view not only when gathered on Sunday, but in every facet of our lives. To this end we sow seeds of care and hope in our world, seeking to shore up the blessings of our community and perfect it in the loving nature of our faith.


We have programs aimed at learning, fellowship, discipleship, missions, you name it, but these are simply a means of witnessing to a greater love and sacrificial commitment that we have to one another and our world. This love and commitment cannot be held behind doors, while it can be celebrated there. This love and commitment welcomes in, but goes out to meet the wanderer on the roadside.


We would love to welcome you to spend some time getting to know us. You can do that as easily as looking over and plumbing the depths of this website. But really knowing us is helping us to both celebrate and encourage the greater Hyde Park community through the outreach we have. You are always welcome to come worship with us at any of our three Sunday morning services, which are joy filled Holy Spirit led encounters with a living and vital God.


Blessing to you on your journey, and know that God loves you so much that He died to prove it.


Our Mission Statement:

"Under the Lordship of Jesus Christ, we are a worshiping community,  seeking the will of God, teaching the word of God, and sharing the love of God."